Mundo b


Once upon a time in the garden of Mundo-b

Once upon a time, in the wild garden of Mundo-b

Meet us on the 22nd of May at 11h30 in the garden for some fresh air!

  • Guided tour of the garden
  • Visit to the roof and the beehives

    In the heart of Matongé, you can find a little green island, buzzing with life. Your neighbours of Natagora maintain this treasure and would like to guide you around. But be careful not to step on the grass :-)

    During a short visit to the garden, youll see its three different sides: the recently renovated pond and its newts, the meadow and its flowers, and finally the forest/shrubs. The garden might look wild, but it is still maintained (trimmed in fall, nettle control in spring...)

    Learn a bit more about the different techniques and take home a small bag of flower seeds to create biodiversity near your home. The tour is followed by a visit to the Mundo-b roof where the beehives stand (if the weather is nice).

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Wednesday 22 mai 2019 - 11h30 / 12h00


Natagora asbl

Mari-Luz Sanchez
T. 02 893 09 26/23