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Wednesday 14 november 2018 / Sunday 06 january 2019 - 23h45

EDDW 2018 Photo Contest

As part of the 2018 European Disability and Development Week, we are collecting meaningful and beautiful photographs that illustrate the Weeks theme: Inclusion Together: Leave No One Behind and that depict a person or persons with disabilities, in the context of middle income countries or low income countries. The 10 best photographs will be...

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Monday 29 october 2018 - 18h00 / 20h00

News & Booze:Communicating with young people– How to reach youth audiences with your comms&campaigns

News & Booze #12 Communicating with young people How to reach youth audiences with your comms & campaigns In order to register to the event, please click here! Most comms folk working in Brussels are pretty confident that they can deliver advocacy and campaigns messages to core target audiences. But what about young people (15-35-year-olds)...

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Friday 26 october 2018 - 20h00 / 22h00

Quelles visions politiques pour quel paysage bancaire en Belgique?

Dans le cadre de son festival, Financité organise une conférence-débat intitulé "Quelles visions politiques pour quel paysage bancaire en Belgique" Débat daprès la crise et davant les élections 2019... La question de l'entrée en bourse partielle de Belfius agitera à coup sûr la campagne...

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Wednesday 18 october 0000 / 00h00

Register for the YOUCA Action Day!

On October the 18th YOUCA organizes its yearly YOUCA Action Day. That day more than 15.000 youngsters from Flanders and Brussels will engage themselves to work, during school hours, a day for a company, the government or an organisation. Their salary, 50 EUR, will finance strong projects for youngsters worldwide. Do you want to give one or more of...

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Tuesday 18 september 2018 - 20h00 / 23h00

Conférence: "La guerre des métaux rares" avec Guillaume Pitron

*** Grande Conférence Etopia le 18 septembre prochain ***"La guerre des métaux rares: vers le retour des mines en Europe ?" avec Guillaume Pitron.Après avoir été tributaires du charbon et du pétrole, notre société, son économie et sa transition énergétique seront contraintes par la...

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Saturday 29 september 2018 - 17h30 / 22h00

Dinner + concert on the roof of Mundo-a

Come wine and dine with a view, on the brand new roof of Mundo-a in Antwerpen, prepared by the Eco-café. High above the busy streets of Borgerhout, we dim the lights for live music by Lilith.  Lilith will share both original music and covers with a twist, joined by the guitar and the piano. In short, a cosy evening under open skies...

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Tuesday 10 july 2018 - 18h45 / 22h30

10 July 18:45 - Free trade (and football) @Mundo-B

While most people are busy with the World Cup, the EU and Indonesia are having their 5th round of negotiations for a dangerous new deep and comprehensive trade agreement. On the evening of July 10, Indonesian colleagues will share their experience and struggles from Indonesia, and how the EU-Indonesia trade agreement threatens to undermine...

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Wednesday 13 june 2018 - 15h00 / 19h30

VNFIL Stakeholders Meeting on Peer Review

The final conference of the Peer review VNFIL extended project  will be held in Brussels in the afternoon of the 13th of June 2018. It will be organised back to back the European Commissions festival on validation of non-formal and informal learning (14-15/06/2018) and in the same venue. Aims The event aims to present the project...

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Wednesday 30 mai 2018 - 18h30

Brussels and Beyond: How to find new answers to everyday problems

Its easy to get caught up in the everyday routine, but its often when we step away from it that we actually solve that problem thats been bugging us for ages. And thats particularly the case in Brussels where we admittedly live in quite a bubble of NGOs, civil society, and Euro-centricity. Join us on 30 May where creative strategy consultancy Sword...

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