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Mundo b

Mundo-b, like all Mundo centres, is managed by Mundo-Lab, according to the 7 Mundo objectives.

Managing ecological buildings

Build and manage buildings that are highly efficient from an energy and environmental perspective

The Mundo centers are eco-renovated and managed to minimise energy and water use, waste, car travel and the use of harmful materials. To minimise our environmental impact; we have set action plans for ourselves to improve our sustainability on a continuous basis.

Professional work spaces

Mundo-b creates a comfortable and efficient workplace where NGOs are encouraged to take advantage of well-resourced facilities. The objective is to provide long-term stability enabling organizations to entirely focus on their mission.

Shared services

Providing high-quality services and shared equipment

The centre inclusively provides essential office equipment like photocopiers, printers, projectors, stand equipment, etc.


Promote synergies and collaboration between organisations

Effective networking and collaboration among the organisations located within the same building (with common spaces, for example the cafeteria) is fostered. In addition to the Mundo-b website, useful communication tools are in place that further facilitate the spread of information relating to the organisation's activities and the sector in general.

Organisation visibility

A substantial amount of information, services and activities relating to the environment and sustainable development are concentrated in the building. Thanks to the manifold events organized by the NGOs and the available services, Mundo-b's notoriety is on the rise, as is its reputation as a 'shop window' for organizations located there.


We ensure a transparent management of our buildings.

  • Several management meetings with the tenants each year
  • From 2018, a ticketing system to follow up on questions and (technical) issues
  • Comprehensible billing 

Support to small organisations

Thanks to the coop that is co-owner of Mundo-b, we are able to financially support the activities of the small Brussels-based organizations, providing they take place in Mundo-b.

Organizations without permanent staff and adhering to the values of Mundo-b may have access to the Mundo-b facilities for free (in so far as the budget allows it):

  • Rental of our spaces for your meetings, seminars, receptions, trainings
  • Access to a fully equipped shared office space from several days a year to several days a week
  • Official address registration

For more information, get in touch with our team.